Newton Abbot Garage Services
Newton Abbot Garage Services

Car Diagnostics

The modern car is full of electrical parts and wiring, great when everything is functioning correctly, but as we all know things can go wrong and it can often be an expensive investigation to even find the cause of these types of problem.


We specialise in diagnostics and fault finding, Using the very latest dealer level diagnostic equipment we can retrieve error codes and read live data from almost any car or van on the market today.

We utilise oscilliscopes, and pressure trasducers to be able to identify all types of engine and electrical isues.


We can also offer injector coding, DPF regeneration and non  regeneration fault diagnoses along with being able to complete vital Main Dealer software updates.


Our staff are highly trained to read data and determine the cause of the problems, not just give you an error code like many other garages will do! infact we carry out in depth extensive diagnostics for many local garages.



What ever the problem, we can fix it so give us a call and book in today!


If we cannot find the problem, we wont charge you. Its is simple as that. 


Prices start at just £65 plus VAT for a Diagnostic Session.


We also have the ULTIMATE diagnostic tool, Our in house Dyno Developments Rolling Road Dyno allows us to drive the car at up to 150mph in our Dyno cell, and monitor, watch and simulate your driving condtions to allow us to fault find and pin point faults in complete saftey.

Dyno Runs start at just £72  plus VAT. 

Newton Abbot Car Diagnostics
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