Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

Cosworth DTM Monitor 

This Monitor is a great addition to any Cosworth.


The fully configuable touch screen allows it to be set up to suit any colour scheme, and gauge style. 


You can make this display look "period" to suit the age and style of the car with ease, or if you prefer a more modern look you can fully customise the colours and display to suit your exact needs and style!


Do not confuse these units with those that solder to the sensor signal wires. These units show actual ECU data, they do not make up there own!  

Streaming live data from the ecu serial data port, Pins 8-11-27, it shows full live data direct from the ECU.


These have the great function of data logging onto a SD card (Included) and this allows the log files to be reviewed later, or sent to your tuner for analysis. A great way to aid remote tuning. 


The final protocol is still under development but will be realsed for sale very soon to suit L600, L8 and P8 models.


Available in Black or Carbon Surrounds.


This unit will show LIVE data from the ECU directly to its display, so you can watch, and keep an eye on the vitals, set alarms incase of errors.


*Air Temperature

*Coolant Temperature

*Throttle Position

*Battery Voltage

*Spark Advance

*CO Pot Position

*Lambda Correction

*Injector Duty

*Boost Pressure

*Engine RPM


Plus many other configurable options.



Escort Cosworth P8 Standard Firmware version is available NOW!

This requires NO ECU Modifications.


Pectel version for L8 and P8 on aftermarket firmware will be available very soon!







Video showing the Colour adjustments via the touch screen. 

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