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DPF Cleaning Newton Abbot

DPF equipped cars can suffer badly from clogged filter units, which can be extremely expensive to replace.


We dont agree with DPF Deletion here, these emission control features are put in place to make our environment a better place to live, and for everyones health, but if your car has a DPF fault the cost can run into £1000s to replace these units, but instead of deleting the DPF, making the car illegal to use and potentially failing the MOT, What can you do? 


 We have the solution!


We have teamed up with a professional DPF cleaning company, and can take the car off your hands, remove the DPF, and send the unit to be professionally cleaned, and returned to us with a  Warranty!



We then set to work refitting the DPF, and carry out extensive diagnostic work to identify why the filter was blocked.

Usually we find either the car isnt being used correctly to allow the DPF to regenerate and burn the soot clean from the filter, or there is an underlying fault preventing the regeneration happening, and the results of both of these circumstances are a blocked DPF and very poor running car.


Forced regenerations, flushing with fluid, or adding fuel addatives may help or offer a temporary fix, but the big killer of DPF filters is ASH, this is produced during regenerations, and cannot be burned off.

Once the DPF has a high ASH content the filter is in big trouble.


No addative or treatment will remove the ash from the filter, to do that the filter has to be removed and cleaned using special pressure cabinets which make the filter as good as a new unit.



Prices start from £200 plus vat, for a Filter clean

Plus the Labour to remove-Refit as required.




Remove almost 100% of ASH and SOOT from the DPF, allowing the filter be re used and have another full life cycle.





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