Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

 Drive Economy 


At Auto Dynamix we can offer a range of products and services to help you gain engine effiecincy and economy, boosting your MPG and saving you money.

Much of this work will pay for itself in a very short time.

From economy remapping through to carbon cleaning and servicing we can help guide you to the easiest way and most cost effective way to save fuel and money.

Over 60% of the cars we see on a daily basis can see economy gains just by fixing simple faults and ensuring optimum engine values are reached. 


We do many miles ourselves, covering all types of roads and conditions, and have acheived huge gains in economy on our own cars whilst gaining vast experience which we can pass onto you.


If you want to increase your MPG contact us today and start to feel the effects of Drive Economy.


There are hundreds of myths and old wives tails regarding fuel economy, often items are for sale that offer no economy gains whatsoever.

We are here to offer our knowledge from our own testing and development in the real world with fully backed up advice on the best ways to save money on fuel with results that work.


Everything we sell or offer has been tried and tested by ourselves to ensure it does what we claim and will help you as it helped us. 



Economy Remapping

Carbon Cleaning

Injector pattern testing/cleaning 

Engine modifications

Aero Modifications

Fuel treatments


Wheel and Tyre advice 

Fault finding

Advice and driving style evaluation 


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