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At Auto Dynamix we are specialists in performance tuning, We have been in the industry for many years.


We do not beleive "deleting" emissions control features is necessary and doing so will actually render the car unfit for road use. 


We can remap almost any car on the market with various equipment, and give fantastic gains in power, torque and improved fuel economy in most cases.


We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee, if your not happy for any reason we will put the car back into its standard form and refund you 100% of the cost.


We will tell you if there are error codes or faults that may cause you problems, we wont just take your money and run.


Sometimes the cars are simply not suitable for the remapping procedure to be completed untill they have had some repair work completed first, but our approach means we will honestly tell you this, rather than completing the remap anyway.


All our remaps have a full diagnostic session completed to ensure the vehicle is suitable for the work to be completed before we start and again after the final road test to ensure no errors are occuring or re occuring.


*We do not accept poor drivability, We feel that is far more imporatant than raw power.


*We do not accept excessive Diesel smoke, There is no need for it!


We offer several stages of tune and can cater for modifictions if required.


We can also complete remaps along side a Before and After Power Graph using our in house Dyno, so gains can be measured. 


We can perfom both OBD and Bench tunes in house with Genuine up to date equipment. 




Why not add a Carbon Clean For the Ultimate results!




With our in house Chassis Dyno, we can provide Before and After Power figures, so the improvment in power and Torque after the remap can be measured and seen.



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