BMW 123D Tuning

We have our own 123D development car which has allowed us to develop and push the boundries of tuning on these little pocket rockets. 



Stage 1 Remap

Completely standard car with factory emission components 260- 270BHP

Remap cost £199.99




Stage 2 Conversion

Requires mechanical hardware changes


125D Fuel pump and pipe

Uprated intercooler


Water meth kit

Stage 2 Custom Remap (£399.99)


For a package price please message us for more details. 


Below is the video and graphs of our stage 2 conversion, which we ran on our dyno before and after the work was carried out. The graphs and figures speak for themselves! 


Standard power level measured: 197Bhp  258Lb/Ft


Stage 2 power level measured 336Bhp 483Lb/Ft


A gain of 141 Bhp and 225Lb/Ft! 


 Comprimise reliability to get this power from the 123D?

  Our own car has now covered 160,000 miles, and 70,000 miles at our stage 2 power level.

Trouble Free. 


Hundreds of hours testing and developing have gone into this conversion and they are not for the faint hearted! 



XHP Gearbox Remap stages 1-3

£225.00, or £199.99 With Engine Remap



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