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Engine Carbon Cleaning

Auto Dynamix in Newton Abbot offer the very latest in Engine Carbon Cleaning.




In a procedure we carry out in house, we can clean the engine internally without any need to strip the engine.


The results from this procedure are great gains in fuel economy and power as well as curing all manner of DPF related issues, restoring lost power and economy.

We dont claim this procedure GAINS you power, but it does without doubt RESTORE what you have lost.



What do we do?


Our process takes around 2 hours, We first run a diagnostic check to ensure the car is safe for us to clean, some data will be retreived from the ECU and evaluated.

Then we connect our Carbon Cleaning machine to the engine and allow it to idle untill we are at full operating temperature.

The cleaner is then activated and produces a unique hydrogen based gas and the engine consumes this through the inlet ports into the engine cylinder itself.

A chemical reaction between the gas and the carbon, means the carbon starts to break down and is passed out via the exhaust.

The exhaust gas temperatures rise dramatically, which burns the carbon from the engine cylinder and also increases the temperature in the DPF.

A second Diagnostic check is then completed after the cleaning is completed and a short road test taken to clear any excess moisture in the exhaust.

The cleaning process will continue as you drive, the chemical reaction that has taken place will soften all carbon which will continue to break free and pass from the engine while driving.

This is not lumps of carbon, just tiny deposits from in the cylinder, when it levers the engine it looks like dust. 


Why do i need it? and how can it help me?


If your car is struggling with poor running or lack of power, a Carbon Clean is a great place to start.

Even cars that are not showing any particular running issues can pick up considerable fuel economy gains from the process and regular carbon clesning will prevent heavy carbon build ups ever occuring.


Most Diesel engines are Direct injection, even the Petrol engines these days are going over to Direct Injection, and in these cases there is no fuel washing over the inlet ports to keep them clean. It is advised they are Carbon cleaned at least every 20,000 miles to prevent heavy carbon build up,

We advise on this type of engine we carry out a carbon clean at every major service to prevent the heavy carbon building up occuring so engine strip downs become a thing of the past.


This Carbon Build up can reduce power and economy massively, up to 40% on some engines!


Carbon in a petrol engine combustion chamber can promote detonation, so with a reduction in carbon it is possible to add more spark advance in most cases, which in turn will produce more power, on a modern engine running "Active knock" where the engine lives on its detonation limit this increase in power will happen naturally and require no further work.

This procedure works hand in hand when customers want a Remap to increase power, its greatly advised we also carbon clean the engine at the same time for ultimate results and safety.


Upper Cylinder components will be cleaned, Valve  seats, Valve heads, Injector tips, Spark plugs and the upper combustion chamber itself.

Piston Crowns and ring lands will be cleaned and this can greatly promote cylinder efficiency.


DPFs are also cleaned using this procedure, and we usually see great reductions in exhuast pressure after the Carbon Cleaning process has been completed and the internal EGRs benifit from the increase in exhaust gas temperatures as the carbon is burnt clean internally.


Most running issues we find on modern engines are related to Carbon Build up, the side effects of this build up can cause severe running issues, cutting out, stumbles, poor economy, poor power delivery to name just a few.


We can Clean all the inner cylinder components that build up with Carbon, with No Strip Down required.


The Limits of HHO Carbon Cleaning?


There are limits to this carbon cleaning procedure, if you read reviews on carbon cleaning you will find people promising the world, but in reality this process will not remove carbon in the inlet manifold down to the fact the gas we use increases cylinder and exhaust gas temperatures to clean the cylinder itself, the inlet manifold does not see much temperature increase and certainly no combustion!


The inner cylinder itself can see a carbon reduction by up to 50% which is extremly viable.


To remove the heavy carbon built up in the inlet manifold and inlet ports we advise a strip down and a walunt blasting procedure is completed (Also available from us)

Our carbon cleaning prcedure is invaluable to prevent large carbon build ups occuring, and to clean the actual combustion chamber, but large carbon deposits that have already been allowed to build up are almost impossible to shift without a physical strip and clean.


We wont try to sell our procedure based on lies and false promises.


*Cylinder Carbon Reduction of up to 50%

*Lower emissions

*Restored Power

*Restored Economy

*Prevent heavy carbon build up ever occuring!


All completed from just £99.99 


We can Carbon Clean almost any Engine.

Petrol or Diesel



Walnut blasting



To clean and remove Carbon deposits from the inlet, and around the inlet valve, we use a different method of Carbon Cleaning.


Where as the HHO can be done without stripping the engine, Walnut blasting involves removing the inlet manifold so we can gain access to the inlet ports.


In this process we seal the valves on each cylinder in turn, using a pressure system to ensure the valvs are sealed tight.

Then we use our specialist equipment to fire high speed walnut shell into the port which removes all the carbon deposits.


This carbon build up is very common on direct injection engines, like the Focus ST250, Audi RS4 RS6 range, BMW, Mini, lots of manufacturers are now using direct injection.


Prices of this process start at £249.99


More info on this procedure is on our other page 





We are happy to offer discounted rates on Trade or Fleets of vehicles.

Contact us for more details.








This procedure can save you thousands of pounds in repair bills, and can be completed as part of a Service Schedule to prevent excessive carbon building up which may inevitably require expensive engine strip downs. 

You do not want your EGR to end up looking like this! 

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