Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

Auto Dynamix ECUs

 We currently working on a budget  range of ECUs. 

Although they do not have every option the bigger more expensive units have, so do have limitations, they still perform extremely well opening the doors to aftermarket management with many options with lots of ability. 


When you compare the cost of one of our units to a new Weber 3 Bar map sensor, you can start to see just how much value for money is in these units, and they have a 4 Bar map sensor built into them!  


A plug and play, into the existing Loom ecu solution, for £425 is not a dream anymore, we can offer it right now, with coil on plug, closed loop desired AFR fuelling and boost control, fully configurable, built into your OE ecu case so it even looks factory. 
It will even work on the OE 4 lug crank pulley depending on your ignition choice so the conversion can be as simple as you want it to be.


  • Includes internal 4 Bar map sensor 
  • Our Own Basemap Included
  • Launch control and flat gear shift available, require switch
  • Compatible with wideband controllers with a 0-5v output
  • Self Tune Options
  • Closed Loop Fuelling
  • Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Large Fuel and Spark Tables
  • Increased resolution over older ECUs
  • Free Tuning software and installation instructions provided by email.
  • Works with distributor or individual (COP) and wasted spark coilpacks. Ideal upgrade to be able to control individual coilpacks. Plugs on original harness and uses original engine sensors.
  • This units are custom built by us using an original unit where all the electronics are removed and our new standalone ecu board is installed and connected to the original ecu connector making it a full plug and play solution.



Finally you have a budget ECU option from a source you can trust.

Drive in Drive out or self fit units are available.

Dyno mapping sessions from £250.00

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