Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Remapping Devon Remap in Newton Abbot

OBD Remapping

Auto Dynamix can offer a wide range of OBD Remapping.

Having worked in the Tuning industry and heavily involved in the OBD mapping procedure for over 6 years we are very familiar with the processes used to increase performance and fuel economy and can work closely with the calibrator to ensure every car we remap in house will give you the rewards you are after!


We offer 3 Types of Remap suited to your exact needs.


* Power Map * Where ultimate power is required.


* Standard Remap * With More Power/Torque and Fuel Economy. Our most popular choice.


* Economy Map * More low down Torque but tuned for pure economy hunters, We use the ECU torque limiters to encourage early gear shifting. 



If you are after a Remap in the Devon area, We can offer OBD Remaps for as little as £199.00!


We have extensive background with Remapping and you can trust the job will be done properly. 


Please feel free to contact us and book in today! Remaps can be performed while you wait.


**More Power**


**More Torque**


** Improved Fuel Economy**


Our Remaps start at just £199.99 plus VAT! 


To find out what we can offer for your car, send your registration number to us via email or facebook! 




Why Choose Us? 


We have a great deal of experience in Remapping and Tuning, there are so many companies out there these days who all claim to be experts in this field but very few have the experience and have been in the industry as long as we have.


To carry out sucessfull Remapping you need to understand the process, what is being done, why, and how, and you need to know the vehicle you are working on is suitable.

You need to know how to measure and evaluate complex data, and be able to give feedback to the calibrator in order to get the best results.


Many companies out there will not even carry out a diagnostic check or road test during the Remapping procedure, all you get for your money is a generic flash file that ultimatley they have no idea of its suitability or if it will even work!


We carry out extensive diagnostic work before any mapping is completed to ensure suitability and saftey and use the best diagnostic equipment to check and evaluate important data.


We have a state of the art Dyno Developments Chassis Dyno in our Workshop, so remaps can be completed alongside "before and After" Dyno runs to measure change and increases in power. 



We aim to be different, we do care how the car performs, we want it to drive superbly after the procedure is completed and for the customer to be happy with the results.We only use the very best Remapping software and our calibrations are second to none.




You will not be disapointed with our service or results! 


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