Ford Focus ST225

We have our own Focus ST225 Development car, and are currently working on wiring loom solutions along with several tuning options.


We have found these cars are at the age where wiring is starting to degrade and have issues,

Coil voltages are dropping causing missfires under load, and plug gaps are having to be reduced. Injector wiring is degrading and we have seen lots of cars with broken wiring at the injector connectors.


We will be working to supply plug and play solutions to these issues. 



Tuning wise we want to offer subtle looking tuning modifications, aiming our products at the owner we feel the car was designed to suit from factory. 

A good family car, but also fun to own and enjoy when the time and place suits. 


We will be working on performance upgrades and tuning packages that are barely visable to the unknowing eye, but allow the car to have the performance and thrill that the tuned Focus ST should.


Please contact us for more details and to see what we can do for your Focus ST.


We have the Equipment, Knowledge, Experience and Sensible pricing to make looking after and modifying your Focus ST225 a Pleasure. 



Focus ST 225 Common Work.


Cam Belt Kit, Auxillary Belts and Water Pump-

Fitted price £385.00

*Using the correct timing tools, no tipex and guessing!* 


Oil Filter/Breather Housing £195.00 

 Fitted price £285.00



Focus ST Block Mod-

Fitted Price £1150

*Using Genuine Gaskets, and Bolts, including Water Pump, Cam Belt, Head Skim (Most dont bother skimming the head which causes premature gasket failure!*


Focus ST, RS Clutch Upgrade-

 Fitted Price £950

Using Genuine Parts! Inc Flywheel, Clutch and Slave.


Focus ST225 Drilled and Grooved Brake Kit-

Fitted Price £299.99

Using Quality Discs and Brembo Pads, Front and Rear. Greatly improve stopping power!


Focus ST225 Brake Fluid Change

Fitted Price £45.00


Stage 1 Remap-

Fitted Price  £225.00

Standard Car with no mods, 270BHP.

Including Full Diagnostic Session.


Stage 2 Remap-

Fitted Price £299.99

Intercooler/Exhaust/Air Filter



Dyno Runs at £72.00


We have an ever growing range of products suitable for the Focus ST 225, see our webshop below for more details.

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