Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

Link Engine Management 

We are proud to be a Link Engine Management Dealer. 


Although many cars have great ECUs in them from factory, there comes a time when the need is great enough due to requirements and spec to change the ECU onto something completly customisable.

This often opens the door into a whole new world of funcionality and abilty without being held back by the ECU! 


We spent over a year choosing which brands of ECU we wanted to offer and sell and Link is probably our mpst popular. 


Link stood out for us with its realistic pricing, and the fact the ECUs are completely interchangable on the same looms, So you can easily upgrade in the future and use the bulk of the engine loom you already have! 


The features these ECUs can offer is up there with the best of them, and we can tune and provide harnesses for all the features you could ever want, fromn Drive  bY Wire, to full digital Dash conversions connected to your ECU via Canbus. 


We offer the full range of Link Products, and unlike most dealers are are able to offer a full running package including Engine Loom and Base Map.


Please contact us if you require any information, we are happy to help.


Our Range of Link ECUs is available on our webshop HERE


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