Set Up and Tuning

We offer a full range of set up and tuning options, We are specialists in Performance Fords, including the Cosworth and RS Turbos and offer tuning packages to suit these models which can be fitted and set up in house.


We can also tune and remap almost any car on the road, so whatever what you drive we can help to tune and maintain it for you.


For chips and parts please see our webshop.

A Full engine Set Up is a vital part of maintaining a Performance car.

We offer a Full Set up on any Turbocharged car for £160.00 plus vat, Naturally Aspiriated cars £135.00 plus vat


The Set up will involve the following work as reqiured.


Our Engine Tuning and Set ups cover things like: 


  • A Full Under Bonnet Inspection.
  • Compression Test.
  • Cylinder Leakage Test.
  • Intake system pressure check.
  • Cam static timing check. 
  • Spark plug condition and suitability. 
  • General ignition system check for condition and suitability. 
  • Spark timing. 
  • Fuel pressure. 
  • Fuel pressure vacuum pull down. 
  • Fuel pressure positive increase.
  • Fuel delivery at idle. 
  • Fuel delivery under cruising conditions. 
  • Boost pressure.
  • ECU Error Code Read/Delete.
  • A Full Load Fuelling Check Using Wideband AFR Equipment.
  • Detonation Check under load in real conditions.
  • A Full Written Work Report.


Book in for a set up and get 20% off Labour Charges for any extra work required on the same day. 


We specialise in the RS brand so if you need your Cosworth or RS Turbo set up in Devon, Look no further than Auto Dynamix!



All Dyno Set ups will come with Power/Torque Graphs, AFR/Boost plots. 




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