Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

Auto Dynamix Water Methanol Kits 


We are proud to supply and use the Devils Own Brand of Water Methanol kits in house.


We can supply and instal full water Meth kits for many purposes and at various specs with electronic controller. As well as fully set up and configure the system to operate correctly. 


The use of Methanol is very common in tuned Petrol cars to lower charge temperatures and allow optimal spark advance, while minimilising the risk of Detaonation, Also Water Methanol can be very uselfull to keep inlet ports clean on Direct Injection engines, where they lack the fuel washing over the inlet tract to keep it free from carbon, we can use a water meth kit to replace this fuel and wash over the inlet, optimising performance and preventing carbon ever building up.


We also very comonly use Water Methanol in Diesel enignes to increase power, and lower EGT. 

We use the Devils own kit on our Stage 2 BMW 123D and see gains of over 25BHP, while also keeping the inlet and inlet ports clean and free from carbon deposit.


Please contact us for more info and to discuss your exact needs. 


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