Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot
Auto Dynamix Newton Abbot

Cosworth YB Mapping

Live mapping Cosworth Weber ECU Emulation

We are proud to be able to offer a full range of products and chips directly from Motorsport Developments.

As we have been working with them for over 10 years we are able to discuss and work with the calibrator to meet your requirments and tailor map to suit your car perfectly.


We can offer products such as 


*Closed Loop


*Launch Control

*Flat Shift

*Wasted Spark


 Full fitting service available in our workshop.




We also have the required tooling and equpiment to fully emulate and live map all the Cosworth Weber ECUs.


Live mapping sessions start from £300.00 plus VAT,

 We can complete 2WD Mapping sessions on our in house chassis dyno.


We can also offer parts to suit the Cosworth YB, feel free to contact us for details.


We know this brand of car very well, and the management they run is a speciality of ours, so dont guess or take chances with your pride and joy. Let Auto Dynamix take care of it.

Auto Dynamix ECU Repair Cosworth ECU Repair

Cosworth YB Diagnostics

We have the most up to date Weber Cosworth Diagnostic equipment which allows us to stream live data from the ecu.


We do not need to throw parts at these cars to fix them.


In our opinion this is the only way to correctly ensure the engine is calibrated and running fault free.



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