YB Cosworth Fuel Pump Looms

Feed your fuel pump with fresh power and keep your engine safe! 

The fuel pump looms on these cars is well known to cause all manner of running problems and poor fuelling under hard load, The old wiring degrades over the years and we often see voltages as low as 8 volts at the fuel pump!


Our Cosworth Fuel Pump Looms are available for Sierra and Escort.


Our looms are made using the correct grade of wire for the job, and will supply the fuel pump with full battery voltage. Our looms also still utilise the fuel cut off switch to prevent the fuel pump running in the event of an accident. 


Our fuel pump looms rewire the power and the ground unlike some other looms on the market.


Do not take risks with your Cosworth Fuel Pump Loom!


We are the Cosworth wiring experts! 


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