Lancia Delta Integrale Looms

During our time mapping and working on the Weber powered machines we have encountered many issues along the way. The biggest issue of all is poor wiring looms. Bad signal noise causes all manner of running issues; old degraded wiring has high resistance and also causes all manner of voltage and running issues. The engine looms in these cars are very old and have been through many hundreds if not thousands of heat cycles, in many cases people have cut them, chopped them, and lengthened them in the course of the cars history.The Lancia Delta Intrgrale Engine Looms share all the common components and ECU of the Cosworth YB so we were very easily able to adapt them to suit.


We have seen lots of new engine looms suffering from similar issues, due to poor quality components and hardware being used, and just not doing things as they should be done. So we decided to design and test our own wiring harness for the Cosworth YB, and try to eliminate as many as these issues as possible. Several test looms were built using various methods, components and wire types, we then set to work using our own test car to map on these looms and measure the effects, voltage drops, noise, and see how they performed. The results were very good indeed, and after several weeks of hard work a finished loom was built by hand and final tested.


Our engine looms are hand built and take over 30 hours to produce. We use high quality shielded cable grounded at the ECU, for Knock, Crankshaft sensor, Phase sensor and Map sensor to avoid signal noise interfering with the ECU during all running conditions, The ECU is grounded at the correct point on the engine to avoid any signal noise being introduced. We use several power relays to allow the ECU and injectors to run from a separate relay to eliminate voltage drop, we commonly see ECU voltage drops of 0.2v between idle and 7800rpm using this method! This allows the injectors to keep functioning at peak power. The Engine loom components are also individually fused.

We do not have any cuts, joins or crimps internally in the loom, as thee can often fail and we believe this is bad practice.

We have the ability to custom make these looms to your given measurements and spec allowing the addition of wasted spark, ALS/LC, closed loop, Fan wiring circuits all built into the looms. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.


This is a must for ALL running 20+ year old engine wiring looms!



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We can now offer a full Engine Loom solution for the Lancia Delta Integrale, using the same materials and practices used to produce our Cosworth YB Engine looms!

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