We have vast expereince of working on BMW including the M Brand.


We can offer service and maintence on all types of BMW at a fraction of the dealer cost.

We have personally owned several cars from the BMW range from M5s,320d, 123d to the later 135I, we are well equipped to look after and maintain your BMW.


Please contact us if you would like a quote or to talk through any work you may require. Look no further you are in safe hands at Auto Dynamix.


We can offer Tuning on the BMW Diesel range,and offer nice gains in power and torque from just £199.00


We have personally been involved in the development of a large Intercooler, with our freinds at Airtec, to fit the E46 320-330D range which has had great results. This is available on our Webshop.



We can also offer some very specific work which we have completed in the past.






E46 M3 Head gasket Replacement.

 This is a job many will shy away from, but we are happy to under take these jobs and have the correct tools for the job. Prices for these start at £850.00



E46 M3 SMG Issues.

 Again many shy away from this system, but we have extensive knowledge of the SMG system and are happy to under take Clutch replacements, SMG pump repairs to avoid having to buy a complete hydraulic pump we can actually strip the pumps down and only replace whats needed (usually the electric motor!) prices start at £550.00 for a pump removal and new motor fitting



ZF BMW Gearbox Service.

We have completed many ZF BMW Auto Gearbox Serevices, replacing the sump, Filter, Fluid and resetting the gearbox adaptions, we recomend this procedure is completed at 75000-85000 miles, we do not beileve these gearboxes are serviced for life as BMW state.

We tend to see a vast improvement in shift speed and the boxes become far smoother to drive, not holding in gear.

Prices from £199.99


 Dealer BMW Updates

We have the required equipmnt to complete the latest BMW software updates, bringing the firmware right up to date, this can help reduce running issues and keep the car performing as intended.

Prices from £75.00





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